Will there be guidance, given by a meditation teacher?

Well, yes and no. I've started this group to be able to meditate with others. Meditation is usually something done by yourself, but sometimes you may find that you could use some support in keeping motivated or in sharing some of your experiences. Sitting together can provide such support. Sometimes, people join the group that have zero meditation experience. We then provide some pointers about what to do and how to sit, accompanied by the requisite warnings. Apart from that, we keep our distance from traditional or modern theories of meditation and refrain from putting any experience into any contexts other than the meditator's own life. Rather, we allow each person to share their experience and try not to comment on it, unless expressly invited to do so.

So there is some instruction for those who want it. Please don't take our word for anything, without thinking it over thoroughly for yourself. Of course, you should never do this, even with the most advanced meditation experts. For one thing, there is no way of being sure that they actually have any teaching skills. So, like the Buddha said: "See for yourself." (Anguttara Nikaya 3.65)